Lunch Rump Special

Lunch Rump Special

$18.90 Lunch Rump

Nothing is more satisfying than a mouth-watering steak at a great price! It’s your steak, your way every lunch at Newtown Hotel.

Customise your premium steak – choose your sides, sauce and your steak cooked just the way you like for only $18.90. There’s even the choice to add your favourite toppers for a little extra!

As a family-owned, Australian company we understand the importance of sourcing produce locally and do so wherever possible. It may cost a little extra, but our produce does keep longer and arrives with minimum waste. We don’t believe you can put a price on quality and the fresher the produce the more flavoursome it is.

This is a proud and very powerful movement that the Hakfoort Group and Newtown Hotel support. We pride ourselves on our steak. Both lean and tender, this full flavoured beef is carefully chosen for breeding quality, food regime, fat, and meat colour. All these elements combined give diners the ultimate steak experience.

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Ready to sink your teeth into a great steak?
Our restaurant can get busy, so we encourage you to book online – or give us a call on (07) 4632 3688 to make a reservation or order takeaway.